Paranoia: Mission 1, Operation Code Red

admin | Dec. 14, 2023, 9:49 a.m.

Welcome, Troubleshooters! Today's mission, codenamed Operation Code Red, presents a critical situation in Alpha Complex. The artificial intelligence linked to the infamous red button, a crucial component of Alpha Complex's security and control system, is displaying alarming signs of being under external control. Our friend, the Master Computer, is at risk, and we need your unique skills to rectify the situation. Objective: Investigate the Red Button AI: Begin your mission by conducting a thorough investigation into the AI controlling the red button. Determine the source and nature of the external influence. Be cautious; treasonous elements may have infiltrated our beloved Alpha Complex. Locate the Master Computer: Access the central hub where the Master Computer resides. Due to the sensitive nature of this mission, bypass security protocols discreetly. The Master Computer holds the key to the red button's control, and we need you to interact with it directly. Inject Ransomware: In a peculiar twist, you are tasked with injecting a carefully crafted ransomware into the Master Computer. This seemingly counterintuitive action serves as a means to disrupt the external control over the red button AI. The ransomware will act as a temporary countermeasure, allowing the troubleshooters to regain control over the affected systems. Neutralize Traitors: Along the way, be vigilant for signs of treasonous behavior. Traitors may attempt to obstruct your mission, and their actions could jeopardize the safety of Alpha Complex. Identify and neutralize any threats to ensure the success of Operation Code Red. Extract Safely: Once the ransomware is injected and control over the red button AI is restored, it's imperative to extract from the area swiftly and discreetly. The longer you linger, the higher the risk of encountering additional complications. Special Notes: Limited information is available regarding the external force controlling the red button AI. Exercise caution, and do not underestimate the potential threats you may face. Remember, Friend Computer is always watching. Report any suspicious behavior immediately. The success of Operation Code Red is paramount to the security and stability of Alpha Complex. Failure is not an option. Equipment Allocation: Standard troubleshooter equipment is authorized for this mission. Additionally, you will be provided with a specialized data module containing the ransomware payload for injection. Good luck, Troubleshooters! May your loyalty to Friend Computer shine brightly as you embark on Operation Code Red.

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