Why do they call it Big Data when they really mean a lot of data?

I read in the news that all kinds of professionals use Big Data to optimize their decision-making. Let me question that you use Big Data. I am not an expert in Big Data, but I am an expert in data, this allows me to differentiate between the use of a large amount of data, in files or in relational databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or MariaDB, to the use of Big Data technologies such as MongoDB , Hadoop, Apache Cassandra, Hbase, Elasticsearch, Apache Spark, Amazon DynamoDB or Google BigTable, among many others.

So if you don’t use Big Data technologies, to really store large amounts of data, you are not doing Big Data. Because to use these technologies and take advantage of them, you must have such an amount of data that managing it with relational databases is not possible. So please don’t call it Big Data, just call it data-driven decision making, which is what you are really doing, there is nothing wrong with it. Big Data is something else.

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